A Vision and Philosophy of Product Realization

Mike Hughes is the founder and principal of HUTech51.  Mike has a vision of how companies engaged in the energy transition can have effective product realization efficiencies and greater profitability.   His passion is helping teams develop and implement the development challenges for disruptive product introduction.  Mike is a perfect fit for your company if you need someone who can come alongside your team and facilitate product realization, manufacturing REThink, within the Energy Transition

Success of a new product introduction is more than 75% determined in the initial stages of definition and conceptualization.

Mike’s focus on the many and varied aspects of energy, it’s generation and it’s use, continues to be a focal point of research and problem solving.  His work has included some amazing projects, across multiple industries.  He has helped teams navigate product realization transitions and grow to a more cohesive and productive unit.  His work includes efforts in technical, organizational, cultural and safety.  Mike is a pioneer in commercialization of new products.  He will help you understand how product realization success is measured.

For more on Mike's successes check his LinkedIN profile. For insights into how manufacturing and industrial technologies are evolving. Keep reading.

Energy Transformation Driven by Technology Disruption

Energy and machines that use and apply energy are in everything we do.  Energy, it’s source and use are in a rapid state of change.  Many are calling this an Energy Transformation while others see a Technology Disruption on the horizon. 

The Energy Eco System is a fascinating and quickly evolving element of companies that produce machines for utilization of energy.  Companies making products for energy generation, or use, are seeing the need for coincidental disruptive product development. 

leader in product realization

This Energy Eco System and its state of change present major opportunities for manufactures of these products. The consumer of energy is looking for lower cost, higher efficiency, and sustainable application that supports the environment.  Your product realization and manufacturing methods need to change with this new Energy Eco System.  HUTech51 can help you navigate a path for disruptive product introduction that meets current and future needs within this system.


Start with a Problem Definition:  If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would spend 19 days defining the problem.   ~ A. Einstein

More efficient, smart, intelligent machines are required for production, application, and end-use, within the new Energy Eco System.  What problem does your machine solve within the Eco System?  Does it provide a level of effectiveness for the customer that improves his bottom line or is it only another model?  The correct problem definition is critical for understanding how to achieve the highest customer need. Energy Transformation is not necessarily moving to all renewable power generation, but a new mix for energy generation. For all forms energy, this means more flexibility for the end user.  Machines contributing to the Mix generation or end-use must also be more efficient, intelligent, and sustainable to contribute to the advantages for the customer. 

A Keystone to Success in Product Realization

Product Realization:  Product Development is the general norm for companies developing new product. Product Realization is the complete End to End process to make the entire company ready for a new product or technology release.

The ability to look at the Big Picture of the problem being solved and map a path to get there for execution is critical.  Is your team adequate to take on new technology development or does it need help?  Assessing the technical capability prior to committing expensive resources is fundamental.  Does your development process engage the entire organization or is that only a process on paper?  Product Realization points out the weak links in the chain to correct them and achieve success and the expected return on investment.

Your organization may be able to contribute to the transition but may not have the correct technical structure for new technology development and introduction. Skills, methods, approaches may have been successful in the previous technology era but this one will require new skills, new team dynamics and new vision. 

Manufacturing REThink

Manufacturing companies are built around yesterday’s product and how to produce it.  If your expectations are to produce the "new technology" / "new product" within the existing processes and methods, you may miss huge opportunities.   These opportunities can be found in Step-Change advantages that ensure a more successful product. 

Not every new product requires completely new tooling and plant.  However, if you are engaged in disruptive technology or product launch you will benefit greatly from Manufacturing REThink.   We are not suggesting a typical review of your manufacturing processes, which is usually efficiency improvement of existing process. It is important to evaluate and analyze a redesign of the process to build the new product.   The process you undergo, will provide you the full advantage of the products new abilities.  This may not mean new capital investment but a look at outside alternatives or different methods to achieve the objective.  Manufacturing REThink can help deliver the Step Change you seek in your product and a well earned higher ROI.